ESD Protection



WOLFGANG WARMBIER, based in Germany, is active in the manufacture and marketing of specialized anti-static materials and systems necessary to neutralize static electricity in the electronics industry.

The anti-static products it offers are:

  • Anti-static flooring: rubber, resin, PVC.
  • Antistatic carpets for floors, working desks and shelves.
  • Antistatic workbenches.
  • Anti-static seats.
  • Antistatic robes and anti-static t-shirts.
  • Antistatic gloves.
  • Antistatic footwear.
  • Antistatic wrist straps.
  • Earthing cables.

Measuring instruments: Static electricity, control of wrist straps and shoes, measurement of the voltage developed during the walking of a person, measurement of surface resistance and earthing resistance in various materials or antistatic floors.

  • Ionizing Blowers and Blowers.
  • Conductive (antistatic) brushes.
  • Antistatic packaging plastics.
  • Antistatic foam packaging materials.
  • Antistatic packing boxes.
  • Anti-static tapes and labels,
  • Antistatic plastic documents or drawings.
  • Conductive material storage boxes.
  • Conductive material handling boxes.
  • Anti-static trolleys.
  • Anti-static cleaning fluids.

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