IQ EASY 4 Years warranty

Simco-Ion has presented its new series of products the «IQ EASY» line that includes:

  • anti-static bars,
  • charging bars,
  • generators for bars and IML (In Mould Labeling) applications

introducing a new level of static control.

Main characteristics of the new products are:

-integrated high voltage power supply that requires only a low voltage input of 24V DC.

– four (4) years warranty

The heart of the new IQ Easy platform is the Manager IQ Easy. It comprises of a control unit with a 7’’  LCD touch screen, provides information from all the connected devices and makes it easy to change and monitor status and parameters.

Up to thirty (30) devices IQ devices can be connected to the Manager IQ (using Extension IQ Easy). The 24V DC power distribution is routed via the Manager, so no extra cables! This makes the connection of a device even easier than connection to a single desktop power supply.


7” full colour touch screen.

  • Information is colour coded.
  • Controls up to 30 devices.
  • Connection up to 6 devices (directly – without Extension IQ Easy).
  • Analogue & digital inputs and outputs.
  • Serial fieldbus interfaces.
  • Ethernet interface.
  • USB interface.

All devices powered by 24V DC can also operate independently as typical e.g. antistatic bars, without having to connect to Manager IQ Easy.